Our Partner

Unison Corporation is a US based manufacturer of a complete line of standard and custom-made grinding machines. Unison was founded in 1959 and designed the patented to the DedTru® Centerless Grinding Fixture.Our early experience with computer controls established a base of knowledge which evolved into our proprietary state-of-the-art computer control known as the Unison Programmable Controller (UPC).

New Unison markets its equipment under the TruFlute and DedTru tradenames with over 10,000 equipment installations serving the automotive, off-highway, plastics, aerospace, medical/dental and petrochemical industries. The DedTru is so accurate it is used by the U.S. Government in the National Institute of Standards and Technology.


UNISON Centerless Grinding Fixture
UNISON FGS Series 1500 CNC Punch Master Profile Grinder
UNISON FGS Series 2350 CNC Trucut End Mill Grinder
UNISON Model 388 Centerless Grinding System
UNISON FGS Series 2150 CNC OD Centerless Grinder
UNISON FGS Series 2650 7 Axis CNC Cutting tool/Burr Grinder

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