Our Partner

Established in 1995, PROKING is a manufacturer of heavy duty rigid lathes designed primarily for heavy duty turning operations with dramatic productivity. The high quality casting construction assures optimum rigidity and stability for years of reliable, trouble free operation. Great horsepower motor provides high torque in low output speed which is excellent for heavy cutting. With an established reputation in the global Oil&Gas and Marine industry, PROKING wide range of lathes gives you a flexible choice and each machine is manufactured to the highest quality standards. No matter which model you select, you get a lathe that can increase productivity and profits for your parts turning.


PROKING PA Series HD Hollow Spindle Lathe
PROKING LC Series Flat Bed CNC Lathe
PROKING SA Series Slant Bed CNC Lathe
PROKING CN Series Flat Bed CNC Lathe
PROKING PH Series Oil Country Lathe
PROKING SS Series Slant Bed CNC Lathe

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