Tritan is the premium solutions provider of honing solutions with MU-TOOLS SA & TAMIX TECH JP as our trusted partners using micrometrical expandable diamond honing & one pass honing technology. Our honing solutions are customised for “one to one million” parts production with a focus on your critical parameter to achieve surface quality, roundness, accuracy & production efficiency.


Mu-tools manufactures the world’s smallest expandable honing tool with a diameter of 0.6 mm.


On an existing processing machine (like a milling machine or a lathe) Mu-Tools offers manual honing devices that allow the machine to be converted into a low-cost honing machine.  Thanks to the expansion system of these devices, geometry and repeatability within the micron can be achieved, even for people who have no experience in honing.

Mu-Tools' New Honing Machine : The Next Generation Of Ultra Precision Honing

With a honing range from 0.6mm to 80mm diameter, Mu-Tools’ latest HS1 honing machine is in a class of its own. Using next generation technology with linear motor movement and new intuitive software, this allows for different honing stroke settings at different spots which is perfect for multi-processes and advanced blind bore honing precision.

Precision to the Micron

Our Honing solutions are dominant in the following industries :

  • Dental Turbine Sleeves & Impeller
  • Automotive Gears & Hydraulic Sleeve
  • Specialised materials : Ceramic, bronze, brass, aluminium & Carbide Parts
  • Semiconductor/Hot Runner Systems
  • Watch precision parts, gears & mold
  • Aerospace Hydraulic & Pneumatics
  • Metal Piping – Size Reducer

Partnership with Tamix


MU-Tools Through Bore Tools
MU-Tools  Blind Bore
MU-Tools Apparatus
MU-Tools ID Air Gauge
Tamix Tool
MU-Tools ID Air Gauge
Tamix 3
Tamix TH Series One Pass Honing Machine
Tamix One Pass Tool

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