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The next generation of ultra precision Honing Machine is here! The Mu-Tools HS series is a Swiss made honing machine with 1 or 2 spindle configurations, capable of micron precision honing processes from the 1st to the 1 millionth part from diameter 0.6mm – 80.0mm.

Equipped with a linear motor for customized & constant stroking movements as well as automatic tool introduction, the HS series Honing machine is designed to be easy to use with in-build honing parameters for difficult to hone materials as well as customized programs for achieving great straightness in blind bores.

Mu-Tools honing machine

Sub-Micron positioning movement

A thumbwheel positioned to the right of the operator activates the digitized axes, such as the table, the spindle and the expansion system with a movement magnification in steps of ± 0.001 to 0.0001 mm.

Mu-Tools honing machine

Precise Stroking

The table movement is driven by a linear motor, which enables a very precise positioning of the workpiece from the start position to the honing tool introduction.

Mu-Tools honing machine

On the Mμ-HS2, the twin spindle is designed to run independently and is capable of running 2 completely different processes with different honing & stroke lengths.

A popular setting is for a roughing operation on one spindle with a finishing process in the other spindle to reduce processing cycle time.

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