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Cryston Diamond Industry, or better known as Diacryston, is the pioneer of resin & electroplated grinding wheels in Japan since 1937. Recognized in Japan for it’s long production life, profile integrity & high precision finishing, Cryston diamond wheels are the stable choice for Profile, Surface & ID Grinding as well as lapping operations that require ultra fine surface quality. Diacryston continues its legacy in the grinding world with consistent R&D to produce the highest quality Diamond & CBN grinding wheels to our customers. Tritan is proud to be Diacryston’s selected partner since 1995.

Did You Know?

More than half of AMADA WASINO profile grinder users prefer Cryston for thin slot grinding. Cryston can produce their 3A1 profile slotting wheel with a thickness less than 0.2 mm.

Choosing The Right Wheel Bond

Metal Bond wheels uses sintered metal powder with abrasives and has abundant heat and wear-resistance which makes the tool life longer to retain accuracy of the wheel for finishing operations.

  • MD – Nose wear takes place a little quicker than MVD, but price is less than MVD for rough grinding.

  • MVD – It has excellent wear-resistance and its sharp nose or rim of wheel is strong good for the works without an operator for long hours. It is the premium bond.

  • MVD-S – It is standard type of MVD bond and brings you not only good performance but also fairly good life value.

  • MKD – At the same sizes of grits with the same concentration, it can bring you better grinding than MVD. However, nose life becomes shortened. Nose radius0.2.

  • PF – It is specially developed for thin slot grinding at high precision. Its remarkable grinding capability and excellent wear resistance can grind thin slot accurately at high precision without distortion. * 3A1 Type only.

Resin Bond wheels uses a sintered special resin powder which allows for very good cutting capability for rough grinding.

  • RVD – Strength of nose is slightly inferior than metal, but its cutting ability is far better. It has remarkable heat resistance, good for heavy grinding. Among resin bonds, it is the hardest bond.

  • RHD – It has best grinding ability. Depending on bonding, heavy grinding, and fabrication of thin materials are suited. It is recommended for rough grinding to finishing.

  • RXD – In respect of heat resistance and grinding ability, it is as good as RHD bond. But nose wear occurs a little quicker than RHD. It provides you soft grinding and suits to grind Ag-W and Cu-W.

  • RD – It has remarkable grinding capability but wear occurs much quicker.

  • RJD – When grinding capability is first priority, this is it. It suits to grind perforated thin materials.


Slotting Wheel 3A1
Single Blade Wheel 1B9
Twin Blade Wheel 14K1
Diamond Lapping Paste
ID & Jig Grinding Wheels
Diamond Hand Stones

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