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Winstar Series Precision Surface Form Grinder

AMADA Winstar Series 

 Triple Crown
Form Grinder

The AMADA Winstar & Winstar SP Surface Form Grinders is the highest precision & rigidity standard in surface grinder manufacturing. A column type design ensures the state of the art repeatability for the more precise grinding process. With its innovative structural design, the AMADA Winstar comes with an extensive range of grinding softwares and dressing options to achieve any precision requirement.

It’s V-V not V-Flat

The AMADA Winstar Series’ overhangless V-V sliding surface ensures for long term straightness accuracy for X Asis feed while the Hydraulic servo valve feedback allows for high speed reciprocation.

Ultra Stable Spindle

Amada’s proprietary ultra-low vibration oil cooling spindle motor is installed to the grinding wheel axis that can achieve super mirror finish grinding. The oil bath cooling function is available as a standard function to minimize thermal displacement for additional grinding precision.

Best Dressed

With a variety of wheel dress options from NC Swivel Rotary to Single Point dressing, the AMADA WInstar Series is designed to incorporate more than 1 dressing system to reduce wheel dressing cycle time for complicated grinding processes.

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