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Techster 84/104/126 Large CNC Surface Form Grinder

The AMADA Techster 84/106/126 grinders set the ultimate market standard for large form grinders. These highly capable machines excel in high-precision surface grinding as well as multi-process form grinding. With the industry’s first ball screw drive for the X and Y axes, the Techster Series effortlessly handles components up to 1,200mm with precision.

Equipped with a reliable Fanuc CNC controller, these grinders come with a range of grinding and dressing software for profiles and contouring. Notably, they incorporate the latest technology in rotary wheel dressers and in-cycle touch probe measuring.

From Hydraulic to Ball Screw

Using Ball screw for the Traverse drive as a machine standard, the Techster Grinder operates on a drastically reduced power consumption while shortening the total grinding cycle with higher speed and precision drive system.

High Rigidity, High Output

The highly rigid spindle with integrated quill allows precise grinding to easily achieve mirror finishing with less “roll off”.

Best Dressed

With a variety of wheel dress options from NC Swivel Rotary to Single Point dressing, the AMADA Techster 84/106/126 are designed to incorporate more than 1 dressing system to reduce wheel dressing cycle time for complicated grinding processes.

Multi-Form Grinding

With a leap in technological innovations, Multi function processing including tapering, crowing & creep feed can now be accomplished in a single machine.

Interested in these products? Drop us a line.

Interested in these products? Drop us a line.