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Meister Series CNC Surface Form Grinder

Grinding Machine for Craftsmen

The AMADA Meister V3 and Meister G3 deliver ultra-precision surface and profile grinding, incorporating a fast-stroke mechanism. Regarded as indispensable workhorses, they meet the growing demands for precision and surface finishing in molding and stamping processes. Since 1996, the AMADA Meister series has consistently evolved to surpass the requirements of the mold and die industry.

Notable standard features include CNC units, high-precision dressing, continuous path grinding technology for Y and X axes, spindle cooling, hydraulic cooling, and ceramic spindle bearings with full enclosures.”

Impressive Wheel Dressing

The AMADA Meister series offers a variety of dressing systems, from NC Swivel Rotary to twin point dresser, ensuring the indispensable accuracy of grinding wheels in form grinding and achieving high-precision wheel geometry.

It’s V-V not V-Flat

Hand scraped V-V slideways provide superior straightness and exceptional durability to assure long life. The scale feedback and servo valve drive system was incorporated to achieve high reciprocation performance.

Larger Table Size

With its larger table area of 550mm x 200mm, the AMADA Meister G3 is designed to install advanced dressing systems such as NC Swivel Rotary & NC Profile Dresser, maximizing the flexibility & capability of this precision grinder.

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