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GLS Series Optical Profile Grinder

The Amada GLS Series CNC Optical Profile Grinders are indispensable for precision grinding of molds and punch tooling, meeting the rigorous standards of the semiconductor and electronics industry. Whether handling a single piece or mass production, the AMADA GLS optical profile grinder is designed to enhance production flexibility through new software, streamlining setup procedures and improving processing functionality.

With the GLS-150GL model with more flexibility or the GLS-80PL for higher surface quality & rigidity, Tritan offers these machines as the market leader in Singapore & Malaysia with more than 300 units sold.

Easy on the Eyes

A redesigned projector LED lighting system reduces glare & increase profile clarity so that your operators can use the machine longer & with more precision. The LED system also has a 30,000 hour life which greatly extends the lamp replacement cycle.

Mirror Surface Finishing

With high speed reciprocating & high resolution linear scale , you can achieve a high quality surface more consistently with ease.

Improved “Best Fit Teaching Software”

Auto Intersection point calculation is incorporated with the taching functions that you are familiar, where the use of both auto intersection point calculation function and teaching functions possible.

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