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DV-1 Automatic CCD Profile Grinder

The Future of Profile Grinding

The AMADA DV-1 CCD Profile Grinder, a state-of-the-art digital profile grinder designed for fully automated profile grinding operations, is the ideal choice for intricate profile punch and die grinding. With superior features such as in-cycle part measuring and auto-compensation, the DV-1 CCD Profile Grinder
minimizes the reliance on experienced operators and quality controls, ensuring ultra-high precision parts consistently.

CCD Camera Chartless Inspection

Using a state of the art CCD camera to compare grinding results against part drawing, the DV-1 CCD Profile Grinder compensates automatically for any offsets until tolerance is achieved.

This allows you to have better precision & fewer rejects without having the need for a profile template.

Automatic Part/Wheel Changer

The DV-1 CCD Profile Grinder comes with a robotic arm with stocking station for automatic grinding wheel & part changing. This greatly reduces cycle time for changing roughing & finishing grinding wheels and using Erowa chucking system, each part position is fixed.

This allows for 24 hours unmanned production.

Complex Parts Are Easy To Grind

Complicated multiple profile work can be done now with lesser rejects and higher precision with automatic part checking.

The DV-1 CCD Profile Grinder value really shines through with such complex parts, reducing customer’s part cost with in-cycle QA checks and re-grinding.

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