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DPG-150 Digital Profile Grinder

AMADA Machine tools DPG-150 Digital Profile Grinder​

AMADA boasts over 80 years of history in profile grinder machines. Recently, their traditional projector has undergone a digital transformation, evolving into a cutting-edge digital projector equipped with automated measurement functions. This automation replaces the manual ‘work-to-see’ measurement process, creating a fully automated work environment. The digital profile grinder now delivers high-precision grinding and significantly enhances productivity. This shift to digital profile grinders represents a new era driven by AMADA’s relentless pursuit and exploration of possibilities.

From Optical to the
1st Digital

The digital profile grinder features a 4K display monitor that reveals intricate shapes essential for high-precision processing. Its ergonomic design offers a lower viewpoint, aiding in part measurement. All measurement commands are digitised and accessible via the projector display. 

The profile grinder boasts a maximum magnification of 110 and includes a magnified loupe that enlarges images by up to 400 times.

Automatic Work Shape Measurement

The DPG-150 digital profile grinder automatically measures the pre-programmed shape between the starting and ending points with automatic indications on errors and differences at each intersection, which allows for better grinding visualisation.

Within Tolerance
Every Time

The DPG-150 is capable of in-cycle measurement and compensation after grinding, so that re-grinding to the target tolerance is performed automatically irregardless of operator’s skill.

Automation is Possible

Integrating an ATC/AWC robotic  system on the DPG-150 digital profile grinder enables continuous and unmanned grinding of workpieces, with automatic wheel & part changes, allowing for processing from rough to finish in a single process. This integration significantly enhances productivity.

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